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No Renewal of Assistance

In 2016 the University of New Haven (CT) signed a five year contract with the King Fahd Security College (KFSC) in Riyadh to assist it in curriculum development and other areas.  KFSC trains all Saudi police and has a military role, too.  So UNH assists a tyrannical regime with justice system that does not recognize human rights and whose military has killed tens of thousands in Yemen.

The college must be busy bargaining a new contract.  We need to get the college to cancel any such negotiations and to let the public know it will no longer assist the Kingdom of Horrors.

UNH President Steven Kaplan  203-932-7276 

Provost Thomas Gaboury 

Another thing that can be done is to continue to publicly ask Henry C. Lee, who whose name adorns the UNH Forensic College, to quit the editorial board of the Saudi Forensic Society, one of whose Board members is believed to had taken part in the plot to kill and dismember Jamal Khashoggi.    Lee's email is:   (203) 932-7460.  For the background about all this click here

Watch this space for more ideas:

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Our coalition has been working on this issue for several years.  Click on the button to see the background.

State Department: Get U.S. Citizens out of Saudi Prisons

Trump's State Department talks about Americans in Iranian prisons, but is silent about two Americans in Saudi prisons.  With the Pentagon selling billions in weapons to the Saudis one would think we have tremendous leverage over that monarchy, but that leverage is not being used.

The two people in Saudi prisons are  Bader al-Ibrahim, an epidemiologist and writer and  Salah al-Haidar a young journalist who focuses on human rights.  More details in this Washington Post op-ed by Ali Al Ahmed.

There's a special impetus to get the two out of Saudi jails now since the virus has hit the KDA hard.  

At minimum complain about this on Twitter and direct your ire @SecPompeo


BDS Against the Saudi Dictatorship (Kingdom)


Just as we boycott Israeli apartheid we should boycott the Saudi regime for its many outrages,  it bombings and blockades in Yemen which have killed tens of thousands, its support for the Khalifa tyranny in Bahrain, it's imprisonment and torture of Saudi feminists, its murder of Khashoggi and on and on.

Recently a number of groups got together, enthusiastic about the campaigns of CODEPINK and hoping to expand their reach

We call for:

  • Entertainers and artists to refuse to go to Saudi Arabia
  • Colleges should refuse to take Saudi regime money
  • Ad agencies should spurn fees to pretty up the ugly regime
  • Foundations should not take Saudi princes donations
  • Wall St. should not underwrite Aramco
  • Companies should refuse investments from the Saudi sovereign fund

We are NOT calling for anyone to cancel plans to go to Saudi Arabia for religious reasons.