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Our Mission

Our Mission


These groups started the effort.  We began in the summer of 2015.


Institute for Gulf Affairs

​Ali Al Ahmed of the IGA is a Saudi national and  frequent consultant to major world media outlets including CBS News, CNN, PBS, Fox News, Washington Post, and Associated Press.

Middle East Crisis Committee (CT)

Massachusetts Peace Action

Promoting Enduring Peace

Muslims United for Justice

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to show how the U.S.-Saudi relationship is a key reason for the instability and terror being visited upon the region by murderous sectarian groups, by repressive governments and by U.S. and Saudi bombing campaigns, and  to break up this destructive U.S.-Saudi relationship as a step toward peace in the area.

Towards that end, we will expose the Saudi regime’s support for sectarian extremist groups; its horrific human rights record; its deadly military interventions in Bahrain and Yemen and its support for despotic regimes, its collaboration with Israel and other countries pushing for war with Iran; and its support for destructive U.S. military interventions. 


Eliminating U.S. military spending protecting the Gulf tyrannies (bases, fleets, etc.);

Ending US arms sales and training to Saudi military or police forces;

Pushing U.N. sanctions against the Saudi regime for its military aggression and war crimes in Bahrain and Yemen, its violation of basic human rights, and its provision of material assistance to groups engaged in indiscriminate killing of civilians


Forming a coalition of groups and individuals interested in taking joint actions against U.S. collaboration with Saudi Arabia;

Creating a listserve to communicate with each other;

Researching Saudi funding of US organizations; 

 Pressuring private and public institutions (such as the Clinton foundation and universities) to sever financial ties with Saudi Arabia;

 Exposing and bringing pressure to bear against specific and general instances of Saudi domestic repression

 Creating a website to share information and educate the public.

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